• Drafting of contracts involving sale of residential, commercial and shareblock properties
• Registration of ordinary transfers of property
• Registration and cancellation of mortgage bonds
• Advising clients on all aspects of property law, law of contract and tax matters involving property law
• Opening of new township registers, commercial developments and sectional title schemes
• Residential, sectional title, commercial and shareblock properties
• Accounting to clients and finalising all financial aspects of property transactions

• Drafting of matrimonial contracts
• Drafting of long leases, notarial mortgage bonds and servitude’s
• Execution of documents as Notary Public

• Family Law / Divorces / Adoption / Maintenance / Custody / Contact
• Commercial Litigation
• Debt Collection
• Estate Agents Commission Claims
• Motor Vehicle Collision Claims
• Residential and Business Rental / Evictions
• Copyright Infringements

Insurance Litigation
• General Insurance Litigation
• Professional Indemnity Insurance Litigation

Construction Law

Labour Law
• Individual Labour matters
• CCMA referrals
• Arbitrations
• Disciplinary Enquiries
• Drafting Codes / Company Policies
• Employment Contracts

• Drafting of Agreements
inter vivos Trusts

Estate Planning
• Estate Advise
• Drafting of Wills
• Winding up of Estates
• Testamentary Trusts

Divorce Mediation