The Partners of Goldman Schultz Attorneys contribute regular feature articles to the dynamic women’s online publication, All4Women.

Andrea Goldman and Liezel Schultz have committed themselves to the education of the public and the emplowerment of people through knowledge. It is with this in mind that the articles are contributed to All4Women; informing women of their rights in relation to how the law affects them in their day to day lives.

Conveyancing Transfer Process
The Role Players and transfer process of immovable property.

Benefits of an Antenuptial contract
Your wedding is one day but your marriage is forever. Attorney Andrea Goldman outlines the benefits of an Antenuptial contract…

Where there’s a will…
Attorney Andrea Goldman gives some good reasons for having a will in place in the event of your death…

Domestic violence and your rights
Recent statistics indicate that domestic violence is insidious and prevalent in our society. If you are a victim of domestic abuse, attorney Andrea Goldman tells you what your rights are..

Sexual harassment and the law
Attorney Andrea Goldman tells you what you can do if you are a victim of sexual harrassment…..

Vehicle collisions and the law
There is seldom anything worse than that sinking feeling when you have just been involved in a car accident. Now what? Attorney Andrea Goldman offers legal advice for vehicle collisions…..

The “D” word
Whilst this is no doubt an unpleasant topic, divorce is a relevant and important issue to consider as it affects so many women. The modified crude divorce rate in South Africa for 2003 was 520,4 per 100 000 married females (as quoted by Statistics South Africa)..

The “D” word Part 2: Consulting your attorney
Once you and your spouse are certain that you do not wish to remain married to each other it is important to appreciate the process upon which you are about to embark to bring your marital relationship to an amicable end…

Divorce Part 3: The Process
The prospect of a pending divorce is an extremely emotional one, even in the simplest of cases. The process of litigating a divorce can, however, be a cold and unfriendly prospect…

Divorce Part 4: Rule 43
What happens when a divorce is taking a long time to finalize? Who pays for the children’s necessities in the meantime? How much contact with the children is allowed and how is it structured?..

When your tenant won’t pay
Having an investment property can often be a lucrative way to grow your asset base but it is often not without its pitfalls. Here’s legal advice for when your tenant won’t pay the rent…….. Having an investment property can often be a lucrative way to grow your asset base but it is often not without its pitfalls. Here’s legal advice for when your tenant won’t pay the rent..

Your child maintenance questions answered
Attorney Andrea Goldman tackles common questions that arise in maintenance cases..

Maintenance Matters Part 2: Maintenance orders
Whilst the payment of maintenance is a legal obligation, it is often necessary to force the natural parent to pay maintenance by way of a maintenance order…

Maintenance Part 3: He refuses to pay
If you have a maintenance order against a person to who refuses to pay maintenance, you do have certain avenues to explore to have maintenance paid…

Purchasing a home: your biggest investment
Attorney Andrea Goldman tells us why purchasing a home is an enormous investment and like any investment, you must make sure that it will give you the best returns..

Tips on consulting attorney

What to consider when choosing an attorney?


When a person dies leaving assets , liabilities or a will, the surviving spouse (or in the event that there is no surviving spouse, then the nearest relative) must within 14 days from the date of death, report the estate in the prescribed manner to the Master of the High Court in that Province.



You do. But have faith; there is a “but” to be considered.


Becoming engaged is not a legal necessity but if the offer of marriage is extended and accepted, certain legal consequences may follow. There are no formalities required for the conclusion of a valid engagement.


In acrimonious divorces or relationship break-ups where children are involved, the fights are often over each parties contact with the children What is contact?


The Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 has been enacted and will be in effect from 31 March 2011. The provisions of the Act are far –reaching and consumers and suppliers alike will need to be familiar with the provisions to protect themselves under the new law.